From IST, we have incorporated a series of updates to Cruise Browser to make it easier and easier for the cruise booking process. Our mission is to simplify the work and provide a useful and easy-to-use service to travel agencies and distributors. Some of these changes are:

  • Currency exchange by Cruise line: this function will be especially useful for travel agents, wholesalers and distributors who are integrated with different cruise lines and who want to work in their local currency. In turn, it is convenient to work with the markets in which the cruise lines show their prices in dollars and the cruise lines that apply different exchange values.
  •  Applicable formula to different categories: thanks to new updates made by the IST team, we managed to add specific functionalities to different classifications. These are:


    • Formula applied by specific sailing date: some additional concept may be applied, either to indicate an expense or a discount for a specific sailing date.
    • Formula applied by specific cruise: some additional concept may be applied, either to indicate an expense or a discount for a specific cruise.
    • Formula applied by cruise line: some additional concept may be applied for ALL departures of a specific cruise line.
    • Formula applied by cabin price: formula set up to indicate an expense or discount, in which the variable to be taken into account will be the price per cabin. Applies to all sailings in general.
  • Backoffice for different users: from the same backoffice, two different credentials are generated that give different access permissions to each of the Backoffice modules. This allows that within the same team different users can have access according to their specific functions. The users could be:
    • Administrator: access to the entire backoffice.
    • Marketing: access to the offer management system and its configuration.
  • Backoffice access through an icon: for B2B, the agencies will be able to access the Backoffice through an icon without the need to have credentials, since the system itself will already log them directly.

We continuously generate improvements in our platform to accompany the growth of travel agencies, providing them with the necessary technology to advance the market, and above all, to gain efficiency and automation. Today, we are already joined by more than 45,000 agencies in more than 60 countries, gaining access to an inventory of more than 30 cruise lines.

If you still do not have the Cruise Browser platform, contact us and we can advise you with the most appropriate tool for your business. And if you already are one of our partners and changes have not yet been made to the platform, you can write us to coordinate the update.

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